This whole blogging thing...

This is very new to me, but something I've wanted to do for the children in my class and their families ever since I started teaching! I take way too many pictures of my students doing all kinds of things in our classroom, and even though the pictures make for a great scrapbook at the end of the year, I hate waiting that long! So I think I'll be posting pictures (with permission from families) of my students learning, exploring, researching, and playing! I'll also post things I create, resources I use, and other teacher musings that are probably only interesting to those of us who spend our days conversing with 6 year olds :)

I will be able to enter and work in my NEW classroom next week and I am so excited! I think I'm taking over a classroom that was once occupied by a teacher who had her fair share of years/experiences/resources/things so I'm looking forward to seeing what she left behind! I've accumulated my own things over the past four years, so now comes the time for condensing and choosing.

BUT I've also been creating and making things for my classroom because....that's just what we do? Here are some things from my summer of creating:

A scrapbook paper garland! I've loved this idea since I saw a garland made with glittery paper (cute for decorating a birthday party, but not so much for a classroom?), so I found some very pretty patterned green paper and used some brown yarn and there ya go. Easy peasy.

A sign for my writing wall or art wall or ??? Not sure where I'll hang it. I went on to create three more that say "explore", "imagine", and "dream". I'll just hang them everywhere!

My first unit on TpT! I love starting the year with a unit about how the children are alike and different, it helps to get to know each other and point out how our differences make us so unique and special! It's available here if anyone wants it :)

Oh and just trying to set up a new apartment, get new driver's licenses/car registrations, buy furniture, explore our neighborhood, entertaining family in town, and look for a teaching job has also kept me busy and frazzled! We are (almost) settled, but what I know for sure is that I think I was made to live in California. I'm in love!

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