A Very Busy Day!

Today was Move-In Day! Except this day has to be extended to two days as I drive a very little car and do not live just down the street from my new school. I was so excited last night that I was up until 2 A.M. anticipating the space, what I'll find, what I will/won't have...

And here it is:

 From the entrance to the room

 Front of the room

Middle of the room

As you can see, there was a lot of "stuff" to go through! I think that I'm taking over a room that wasn't used as a classroom last year, but the last teacher to occupy it retired! So needless to say there are lots and lots of things that I...inherited? To be honest, I wasn't sure what to do with everything that wasn't furniture, so I got a big cart and did this:

What once was the hallway, now my dumping zone

No one was around to ask if this was ok, so I took the liberty of making this nice "little" stack myself. I didn't throw anything away. Well I did throw away the purplish-pink film that was on the windows, presumably to keep it shady and not so sunny. I don't know why someone ever did that because they covered up this beautiful scene:

*And the birds chirp and the angels sing...*

I want to grab a blanket and curl up in that huge window seat. I think that just may be what I make this space to be, a big, comfy, lovely reading area for the kiddos. This picture doesn't do it justice: this window is huge! I could stand on the counter and reach my hands up high and still not be able to touch the top of the window. And it's very wide, maybe 6-7 feet? One word: massive. Also beautiful. That's two words.

I have a ways to go for sure. Projects: paint/cover the bright bulletin boards to tone them down, store all the things I brought with me, hang curtains/fabric/lamps/word wall/number line......

Too blessed to be stressed, right? Gotta keep myself focused and optimistic that this space will transform into everything I envision for my students who I do not know yet. There's something about that window, though, with the trees and the shrubs and the breeze that creates this lovely calmness in that room. And looking out of it I know that we will have a beautiful year together...

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