A New Year is Almost Here!

We're getting closer to the end! (Or the beginning, depending on how optimistic you are!) Today is my last weekday of summer break. The last weekday that I can hit snooze 11 times (I seriously did that this morning.....), casually drink my coffee from a real mug instead of a travel one, wait to shower until I feel like it, take the dogs on our morning walk around the neighborhood, watch the Today show....I could go on.


All of that means that I am blessed because I'm not stressing right now, that I was given the opportunity to share my love of teaching with another school and group of children. Moving is scary, picking up and starting over is not easy. But we did it, and I left a school that I loved because I was hopeful that I would be given another chance to teach here in California. And by the grace of God, I was! Tomorrow is the first day of professional development for all staff in our district. I finally get to meet all of the other teachers at my school plus all kinds of other employees in my district. I can't wait to get involved and get to know what this amazing district has to offer!

I can't wait to show my completed classroom to everyone! I've worked in there for 5 days and gotten so much done! Our garage is now happily empty as all of my classroom things have found a home :) My focus is on creating an environment that is calming and comfortable as these children share their days with me, someone they don't know or trust yet, someone who doesn't know them yet, at a place they are unfamiliar with! Yikes! I bet it's so nerve-wracking to be a kindergartnener. So hopefully when they enter our classroom, they'll feel more at ease and excited! Here are some areas that are (pretty much) done!

Our art center is open and free-flowing. I love all the bulletin board space I have in this room. I can't wait to showcase student art, especially when we get brave enough to break out the paint! Even though my students will be going to art class, I still think it's important to give them an area in our room where they can be creative and free. Art was one of my favorite things about school when I was little, and I want to share this joy with my students!

Our dramatic play center is one of my favorite things about teaching kindergarten! I could sit next to this center all morning and watch/listen to them play. I love the scenarios they come up with. I love hearing how they begin to practice social skills and rules of conversation. I love seeing them take on roles and apply rules. This center is something I will fight for in every school I ever teach in should I continue on in kindergarten. If you teach K and don't have this center, ASK/BEG for one! My most timid students are my favorite ones to spy on watch in this center.

This is our brag board/work wall. You can't see them all because they don't all have their bug clips on them yet :) and BOOO to that handle right there at the bottom totally screwing up my OCD organization of these cork boards!! Grr, gotta let it go! This is a folding wall between my room and the other K classroom, but this portion stays closed all the time (hopefully, or else I'm up the creek without a paddle!). This wall is next to the writing center (you can see the writing table in the bottom corner). I can't wait to set up this center for our first week together! This table has little bitty legs, so the kids will sit on pillow poufs to write here!

That's all I have right now! I love this part of the year because as I set up areas, I imagine kids in the area with me. What can they reach? Can they move freely? Will this be in their way? And then once they finally come to school, I love seeing my ideas in action! Being a teacher is so fun :)

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