Getting in the Groove

It's week three over in our kindergarten room, and we are finally feeling the groove! I love when this starts happening. We have a while to go before the kids are completely independent, but man they have blown me away so far. I think I've repeated every word I've said at least twice, and I model every single thing I do, and I think aloud so much that I've started doing it when there's no one around, but it is worth every minute! In the past, I've modeled and done a very gradual release of the kids to their centers, but we started going independently last week!
 Working on identifying and ordering our letter cards for the pocket chart center

 Using the word lists in the writing corner!

 Making a big mess sorting objects on the inquiry table

 ...and measuring some objects, too!

 Having a ball making "pies" and "cakes" in the discovery table

I'm still monitoring during this time, I won't begin meeting with small groups for another couple of weeks. This allows me plenty of time to facilitate the children in their exploration of centers. I try not to hover, just casually walk around and assist where needed! The same goes for our D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time in the afternoons. They're doing SO WELL at looking at books for a 20 minute period! Hello! 

Did I mention they can do this for 20 MINUTES already?! I have piano music playing on Pandora, the lights are off, and the wind is blowing in from the courtyard through our big reading window. Ahh....

I absolutely love this time of the year. I'm exhausted, my apartment is so dirty, laundry is piled up, and our sink always has at least one dirty coffee mug or wine glass in it. But these relationships and personalities that are forming are so worth every tired minute. Stay tuned for our creation of our class rules (yes, it's week 3 and I still haven't told them "the rules"!)

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