Here We Come, 2015!

I don't know about you guys, but I am so excited to get back to my classroom tomorrow! Man I have missed those 19 sweet faces, giggles, and voices. My life feels pretty boring without my kids around! I've been trying to relax over break and not do a ton of "school stuff," but if you're like me that just isn't going to happen. I actually find that sitting on my couch with music playing and a candle (Red Velvet Cupcake candle to be exact) burning with my laptop is actually pretty relaxing. So I did school stuff. Kind of a lot of it. Whoops!
But I did plenty of relaxing things, too!

Got lots of snuggles in with these sweet puppies. They are so lazy during the day, turns out they do nothing while we're at work!

Did some day-after-Christmas shopping at World Market! I needed to satisfy my OCD organizational side. Kitchen design is my jam.
Did a little painting, which I am NOT good at, but enjoy doing nevertheless. And of course I have the Serial podcast playing on my computer. I listened to all 12 episodes in about 3 days and was left feeling.....well, I won't say if you haven't listened yet!
Anyway, I am so looking forward to this week! We have so much to talk about: Christmas/Hanukkah gifts, fun times with family, maybe even some beach days to discuss! Well maybe not, it's been cold. By cold I mean 55 degrees.
I'm also looking forward to TEACHING! I feel weird not talking to little humans during the day. Here's what we will be talking about this week:

Here's to hoping that your first week back with your students is happy, calm, and fun! And IF you need or would like a little positive behavior motivation, check out these Behavior Recognition Badges! My kids get so excited for the chance to wear them! I just have them cut apart, laminated, and attached through a hole to a piece of yarn. When I notice positive behavior, I make a big deal and give the student one of these to wear all day! I'm thinking I might do a behavior-related post soon. I'll include more about these! They're discounted right now in my TpT store! Just click on the picture to grab yours!
Thanks for reading!

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