Well Hello Again, Little Blog!

It has been QUITE a while since I've been here! I had a feeling this might happen, but I've had so much fun with my kinders that I haven't even realized that my poor blog was being neglected! I can't believe we are on winter break already (and that winter break is halfway over). There are some changes in the works for this little ol' blog coming up for the new year! A makeover is in progress (bear with me!) as well as some other changes. In order for this blog to serve its primary purpose, I feel like I need to create for myself a regular post schedule and maybe even themed posts. I'm not sure if I'll realistically be able to post every day, but I am hoping that I can plan my posts with intent and purpose. Overall, I want to communicate my teaching style and my students' learning and experiences. I want to share with other educators and collaborate among them. I would like to keep communication open and ideas flowing. Overall, I'd like this blog to help me grow as an educator so that my students truly get the best experience in kindergarten that I can give them!
High hopes! Big dreams! Bright future!
With all that being said, I'm hoping to spruce up my TpT store and add more products that are student-focused. I started my store with products that focused on setup and environment, and I love those products. Some of my favorite things that I've created so far are...
These book bin labels have been a lifesaver in terms of organzation in my classroom. Even my students have become OCD organized like me! They relish any opportunity to put away a misplaced book back into its bin :)
Oh how I love hand signals! They have saved my sanity and our learning time! I cannot tell you how much I love teaching these very basic American Sign Language letters or gestures to students so that they can quickly show me one when they need something. No more interrupting to ask, "Can I go to the bathroom???"
I love simplicity in a classroom environment. Too much distraction from design can definitely distract students. Besides, basic and easy-to-read displays allow students to find things for themselves without needing to ask!
Now I'd like to focus on creating products that can be interacted with by children in other classrooms. Packets, centers, guided reading, I'd like to try it all! I've made a few mini-units and packets so far, but there is still a lot bouncing around in my head that I'd like to get out there! I am up for any advice or guidance during this creative process :)
I hope that I can turn this blog into everything I imagine. Thanks for reading, and check back soon for a whole new "Research and Play"!

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