Wrapping Up the Year! Fourteen in '14!

Here we are, it's the last day of 2014! This year has legitimately been the fastest passing year of my life. So many things have happened this year that I can hardly believe it! So I'm linking up with Miss Kindergarten & friends to look back on such a busy, fun year with some highlights!
Change. We started our year in Colorado and are ending it in California. We were wondering what HSP would do in his professional life and now he works in a "dream job" sort of scenario. I thought I might become a coach in my former school district this year, but here I am as a first year in a new district again! So yes, change!
It's very hard to narrow it down to one (I think I have three, and in an upcoming post you'll find out what they are!). But I guess I'll say "Be courageous." In my professional life, my personal life, my relationships. If I want something, I need to go for it and not worry about the time it will take or the chance of failure!
Moving! This is the second time that we, as a couple, have packed up our lives and our dogs and moved *very far away* from everyone we know and love. I never in a million years thought I'd live in California. Honestly, I never even thought I'd make it out here to visit! When it became a realistic option, though, I was so scared. But now that we're here, I am so happy we took the leap of faith!
This is so hard, but...
I think I've got a theme going here...
Getting hired as a kindergarten teacher (again)! I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to teach kindergarten again. Somehow, though, I was blessed with the opportunity! I *almost* taught second grade which I think would have also been fun, but kindergarten is where my heart is (for now)!
My first one! I started this blog this year! I can't wait to see if it becomes everything that I imagine :) I hope so!
Well there is literally no way I could pick just one. I use Pinterest A LOT. Mostly for classroom and teaching inspiration, but also for recipes, style inspiration, and interior design. I probably use my Food & Drink board the most! Here are some of my favorite recipes that I cook all the time...
Emeril's Chicken Chimichangas
The Pioneer Woman's Cajun Chicken Pasta
Hmm, good one. I was most surprised and excited about my Christmas gift from my Mama this year!
Blogging! It's been challenging for sure. I went three months without posting anything! Now I'm trying be more *intentional* with my time and focus. My blog is one of those things that is taking more of a priority! Also, focusing more on creating items for my TpT store! It's existed since last year, but I really tried to make some things this year that I knew I would use and hoped that others would use as well. I think a few people have stopped by!
That's tough. I think I'm still looking for my California favorite...but we are LOVING the amount of delicious Mexican food out here. Tennessee has great Mexican food, but in Colorado it's awful! We went two years without good Mexican. Now, we eat it all the time! I love La Playita in Hermosa Beach because of its tasty food, good margs, but the patio is gorgeous! I take a picture every time I go. We haven't been in a while, though, because parking in Hermosa Beach is bananas! This is a picture I took at sunset while sitting in my chair at our table...
Aerial America, Sky View...I love the Smithsonian Channel lately it seems. Go figure! And of course cooking shows. I think my cooking really improved this year thanks to Extra Virgin, Southern at Heart, and Barefoot Contessa.
I can't remember all the movies I've seen this year! Gone Girl was pretty darn good though. It stayed with me long after we left! HSP still gets nervous every time I use a boxcutter to open something since we saw that movie, ha!
My scarf collection is getting OUT. OF. CONTROL. I'll never turn down a new scarf. And 90% of them are from Target. I will show you my current favorite...I got it at Anthropologie this summer at The Grove (but I did not pay full price, duh!).
Thanks so much for reading! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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