USA Day! Teaching About the Election and Voting in Kindergarten

Today in kindergarten we celebrated yet another unit of study with a themed day of learning fun! We are in the middle of our social studies unit about the election, voting, and presidents. It has been so interesting to hear kindergarteners talk about our current 2016 election. Oh the things they say! So, let's get into how we spent our day:

We have been using this wonderful emergent reader from Greg at Kindergarten Smorgasboard for the past week. It's been great for practicing pointing to each word as we read and recognizing sight words. We counted how many words there are on each page before we read, then circled 'the' on each page. Find this great freebie HERE.

During our whole group reading lesson, we read Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio. Oh my goodness, this book made me tear up. I hadn't read it beforehand like I usually do, and with the historical relevance of the current election I almost couldn't keep it together. It is an AWESOME book.

Then we talked about what makes a good president using a page from Gladys at Teaching in High Heels's WONDERFUL election unit! Find it HERE. Look at the words that my kids came up with! I helped them sound it out, but hopefully you can read it. Nice, worthy, patient, and welcoming. My heart almost exploded.

Finally it was time to get into our voting booth and cast our ballots! But we didn't worry ourselves with electing the next President of the United States...

We voted on our next class compliment party treat! First we wrote "cookies" and "brownies" on the lines on the ballot, then we did our research on the candidates AKA we stuffed our faces. Then one at a time they entered the voting booth, marked their favorite, and cast their vote!

Of course they got a 'vote' sticker once they voted. These were larger in Gladys's set, but I shrunk them down and printed them on full-sheet Avery labels. They were so proud to show their parents when they left school!

We had so much fun today learning about elections and voting in kid-friendly ways. Although this election has some heavy undertones, the sweetness of hearing their sweet ideas and opinions makes it all better. I'm so glad I get to spend my days with such innocent, joyful, and kind-hearted people. I hope you have enjoyed learning about the election with your class!

Oh and by the way, brownies won :)


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